CYBER security

Do you become completely caught up in finding solutions to difficult problems and puzzles? You don't expect someone to tell you the answer and take pride in figuring things out for yourself. Your search might start with Google, but it doesn't end there. Once you've become immersed in solving a problem, you can't let it go until you've succeeded at finding the best solution. If this description fits you, the Cyber Security may be for you.

This immersive online program will teach you how to ensure the security of critical information infrastructure. If you're a self-starter looking to dive into one of the fastest-growing industries today, this program will teach you the skills that will guarantee you a job.

What Will You Learn in This Program

Reverse Engineering

Computer and Network Forensics

Basic and Advanced Penetration Testing

  • Open Source Intelligence Research
  • Social Engineering
  • Development of Exploits and Payloads
  • Exploitation of Non-Traditional Computing Devices

Defense of Systems and Networks

Social and Cultural Understanding of Adversaries.

Your Mentor

You work on authentic problems with an experienced mentor as your guide. Mentors don't lecture but rather help you learn and develop skills relevant to the work they are doing. Mentors provide in-depth feedback on your projects and make recommendations for improvement spurring additional growth in the process.

Try our Demo

See our immersive, story-centered curricula in action. This demo is actual content from an early task in this course. 

Note: due to the technical nature of this course, this course is built for and best viewed on a laptop/desktop (not mobile).

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There are no prerequisites for this program.


You work online, attend regularly scheduled meetings and make appointments with your mentor just as you would do with a real-world supervisor.
The program requires a 26 week commitment at a minimum of 30 hours a week. We are currently admitting students on a rolling basis.


The cost for this program is 

Financing available

The program comes with our Employment Guarantee and is subject to our Refund Policy.


You will get an offer for a full-time job, a contracting job, or paid internship working at least 35 hours per week within six months of successfully completing a certificate program.

If you voluntarily elect to accept a job working fewer than 35 hours per week and stops seeking full-time employment as a result, you will forfeit the employment guarantee.

If you meet the above criteria and do not receive a job offer within six months of completing the program you will be issued a refund for 100% of tuition you have paid.

At the conclusion of the first course of the Data Analytics program (three to four full-time weeks into the program), a committee of mentors will decide, based on your progress and quality of work, if you are likely to succeed in a professional career. If the committee decides that you are not, you can elect to leave the program with a 90% refund or to continue the program without an employment guarantee.


Successfully complete the entire program, submitting work judged to be satisfactory by our mentors for all projects in the program.
Be 21 years or older.
Live in a top 20 metropolitan area of the USA or be willing to locate to one.Be eligible and willing to work in the USA.
Be proficient in English.
Develop and actively maintain a portfolio in Github.
Develop an acceptable professional resume and accompanying LinkedIn profile.
Be available for a minimum of 3 job interviews per week.
Apply for jobs with at least 8 prospective employers each week.
Submit any analytics challenges required for job applications promptly.
Accept any legitimate job offer meeting the conditions above.

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